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Aspiration Marketing

Customer Story

Aspiration Marketing is a full-stack digital marketing agency enabling its business customers to establish and build out their online presence and drive for growth. This includes services like digital marketing, inbound marketing, web design, SEO, and paid advertising. Aspiration Marketing has legal entities in the US, Canada, and Romania.

To support its business objectives, Aspiration Marketing required a more innovative and faster administrative solution for customer engagement and recruitment. It looked at Goodlegal's out-of-the-box legal infrastructure platform.

Before transitioning to Goodlegal's digital legal platform, Aspiration Marketing used various disjointed tools and providers. This made the contracting processes cumbersome and dependent on many tools. Document management, document workflow, and access to legal knowledge were not where they needed to be.

Goodlegal consolidates all these various elements in one solution by allowing Aspiration Marketing managers to conduct administrative processes within the same platform seamlessly.

It is not an easy task to log in to various tools and search for the right template to send to the customer or new hire. It often took us more than an hour to go to our documents folder to identify the right template for the right entity (in three different jurisdictions) to use for the needed contractual scenario, prepare the documents, create the required email communications to present the document and send it for electronic sign-off.

Sales are asking to alter documents. Modifications and sometimes non-standard term suggestions need to be managed. Managing existing agreement templates and updating and standardizing them to keep a cohesive legal framework across three countries was cumbersome.

Having one platform, integrated with our existing CRM infrastructure, is important for smooth administrative support. In addition, access to a Legal system with quick access to attorneys in different regions is invaluable.

- Katharina Koch, CFO at Aspiration Marketing

With the Goodlegal platform, the different tools Aspiration Marketing was using are consolidated and administrative, legal activities are being supported with one infrastructure. Goodlegal's solution supports legal document management, e-Signatures, and access to legal resources.

In the long run, using the Goodlegal platform will enable management to extract much-needed knowledge from contracts and documents and guide a data-driven decision-making process.

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