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Cytowski & Partners

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Cytowski & Partners is one of the leading law firms in the US, providing legal support in essential matters for startups entering the US market.

It is also Goodlegal's first trusted Law Firm partner.

As a customer and a legal partner, the firm is leveraging the full suite of Goodlegal's platform to automate and standardize its document generation process and digitalize its offering.

Before using Goodlegal, the firm used various tools to organize its templates and projects. The process was manual and repetitive, consisting of various steps, and challenging to monitor. Due to various tools used it became impossible to monitor the work on a project from one central place. The lawyers were required to check each tool used for the relevant information in that specific tool to see the status of a project or a document.

Even the final step required to finalize a document - e-Signatures - depended on using another tool. This represented a spread of information across numerous tools, which is challenging to manage and keep track of. 

By using Goodlegal, the firm instantly saw the benefits of keeping the work in one platform where the lawyers can generate the documents from the approved organization standard, collaborate on it, e-Sign it, and finally store it in the same place from where the document initially originated. 

Now the firm can maintain all its templates in one platform while all the lawyers have access to and can contribute to the organization's template library. 

Initially we were not very optimistic about Goodlegal but after we started to use it a change occured in our way of doing things. We started to save a lot of time and be more efficient.
- Tytus Cytowski
Founding Partner

The firm was also Goodlegal's first law firm partner to contribute templates to Goodlegal's marketplace for the benefit of all its users. It is currently exploring the possibility of using the platform with its customers to help them set up their legal infrastructure as fast as possible.


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