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Filip & Company

Customer Story

Filip & Company is one of the leading law firms in Romania, providing top-quality assistance in all relevant areas of law and Goodlegal's first trusted Law Firm partner.

Goodlegal enables Filip & Company lawyers to streamline the document creation process, increase efficiency, and maintain high accuracy. The firm can upload all its approved legal templates to its account, and all the lawyers have access to the organization's template library. The platform allows easy template import from the organization's library, which can be edited, negotiated, and signed with the customer.

It's all about getting our arms around the knowledge that we possess, which, next to our people, is our greatest asset. We aim to access our expertise and deliver it to our clients with greater efficiency in an era when the world demands getting smarter about your data. We started using Goodlegal in 2022, which has since been an essential and helpful tool for us, facilitating efficiency and excellence based on our many templates. Using Goodlegal has significantly increased our productivity by streamlining the document creation process and allowing for more time to be spent on higher-level tasks such as legal analysis and  strategy.
- Alexandru Birsan, partner and Head of
Corporate and M&A department at Filip & Company




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