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If you believe you have an offering relevant to the companies we are working with, we'd ask you to start the dialog with us. We are looking to partner with the best and currently focus on the following areas:


Legal Partner

Join our open-source legal content initiative as a legal partner or law firm by contributing with legal standard templates and provide expert geo-specific legal support to Goodlegal users (US, EU, EMEA, etc.).


Tech Partner

Join our technology partner network to make your technology an essential part of Goodlegal ecosystem (OCR, AI, ML, design, etc.).


Industry Partner

Join our industry partner community to bring legal and compliance into the AI century by easily leveraging Goodlegal’s infrastructure for you and your customers. We need you to jointly tackle the legal industry and related services (accountancy, insurance, health, and the other industries where legal is essential).

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If you and your company are active leaders in the above areas, we look forward to starting the dialogue with you. 


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After the Launch Day

We publicly launched Goodlegal on Nov 23. Yeeey!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who joined our journey (or is thinking of doing it) in these early days when everything is happening lightning fast, and we are figuring out a lot of things based on your input.

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