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Capabilities: Document Management System, Editing, Collaboration, Autodoc, E-Sign, Analyzer and more
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Network: Marketplace, Partners, Community
Integrate with your freelancing platform (upwork, fiverr, etc.)
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Software Framework Agreement

Describing terms for a commercial relationship.

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Terms of Engagement

Outline responsibilities between parties.

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Order for Licenses

Record your business transactions.

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Statement of Work Procurement

Set up your deliverables and project goals.

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Privacy Policy Generic

Let your visitors know how you collect their data.

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Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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Success Stories
Aspiration Marketing

As a full-stack digital marketing agency with operations in three countries, Aspiration Marketing was struggling with managing legal documents across multiple tools. With Goodlegal, they can now manage all their legal and administrative processes in one single platform.


OxidOS, a rapidly growing start-up, has opted for the Goodlegal platform due to its user-friendly interface and pre-built features. Using Goodlegal has enabled them to allocate more time towards their product development by reducing time spent on managing various vendors and providers. 

Filip & Company

Filip & Company, Goodlegal’s premier Law Firm partner, has utilized the platform to optimize their document creation process and increase efficiency while maintaining high accuracy. This enables them to streamline their Legal workflows and focus on higher-value or strategic work. 

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