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New folder structure & nested folders view

With this update, you can now create nested folders to better organize your documents, contracts, projects, matters and other legal materials.

💡 Enhance teamwork through review and folder-level collaboration

This means that you can categorize all your folders created for specific customers, vendors, or projects within your Personal and Company Workspaces into dedicated subfolders for fast access and better organization.

We believe this new feature will be a game changer for our users, enabling them to take greater control of their legal workflow and streamline their operations by managing all documents with greater ease and efficiency.





Notifications will make it easier for users to stay up-to-date with important events related to their work.

💡 Never miss anything important

With this new feature, you will receive real-time notifications whenever tasks are assigned (to review or sign a document), completed (by a counterparty), deadlines are approaching (for creating a company policy or approving a document), or other events occur that are relevant to your user role (publish a template or a policy etc.).

This will help you stay organized and ensure that you will never skip an important update or contract deadline.



Workspace dedicated templates

Easier user access to legal templates, directly from their workspaces and to accelerate document drafting and company-wide implementation.

💡 Out of the box Legal Infrastructure Platform

With this update, you no longer have to navigate different parts of the platform to find the right template for your document. Simply navigate to the required Workspace where you're working and select the template you need from the workspace templates list. If you are working in HR and need to send the company-approved employment or contractor agreement for signatures, you can easily open the Templates section within the Employment Workspace and use it as a Document in the relevant folder or subfolder created for that specific future employee or contractor. The same approach can be applied in other Workspaces such as Sales Workspace, Finance Workspace, Procurement Workspace, etc. You have all in one place for any document: Location (Workspace > Folder > Subfolder), Content (Templates), Action (Native Editor), Storage (Workspace > Folder > Subfolder>Final Signed Document).



E-Signature audit page fresh design

v23.04 redesigned and enhanced the e-signing experience, providing you with greater visibility over the document signing process.

💡 Integrated document editing and e-signature

You can set the signing order, allowing for more efficient, streamlined, and compliant document signing workflows. You will also have the ability to cancel or reject signature requests. Another important change is related to the audit file of the e-signed document which will provide greater detail in terms of all the actions taken by the signatories to ensure full transparency over the signing process.




Adding versioning to our documents will enable users to easily track and manage different versions of their documents. Users can access previous versions of documents, identify changes, track progress and revert to historical versions when required.

💡 Complete audit of documents’ progress

This feature provides greater control and flexibility over document management and evolution, enabling users to ensure that their documents are always up-to-date and accurate. It will also enhance the legal compliance process by allowing users to always check the lifecycle of a specific document and all the stages in its negotiation to avoid unplanned changes which can increase the risk of non-compliance.



PDF & Conversion Support

This release extends our document support to PDFs, making it easier than ever to store, work on and keep track of all your important legal documents.

💡 Expanded support and conversion to PDFs

In addition to supporting PDFs, our platform now allows users to convert PDF files into editable documents (DOCX support), saving you time and minimizing your use of untrustworthy and insecure 3rd party converters.

This feature allows you to keep all your documents in one place to get maximum value in terms of legal compliance, visibility over what was agreed in the documents and in the near future full intelligence capabilities with the click of a button thus avoiding expensive different technologies needed for getting intelligence from your contract and document databases.



Permissions and settings

A particularly exciting feature in this release.

💡 Manage access to collaborate securely and implement org wide policies

v23.04 introduces granular control over user roles and permissions in the platform which will be at the discretion of customer admin. With this new capability, administrators can assign out-of-the-box or custom roles to users, and set individual permissions for each role, such as the ability to view, edit, or delete documents or folders. Additionally, this will enhance collaboration through folder level roles for internal or external stakeholders.

This level of control ensures that users have access to the information they need while maintaining the security and confidentiality of sensitive information.



Bulk upload

This feature enables users to effortlessly aggregate and centralize their documents into Goodlegal.

💡 Manage migration and documents in bulk

With just a few clicks, you can easily upload many documents at once, eliminating the need for manual, time-consuming individual document management. With this enhancement, we are committed to providing our customers with a more efficient and streamlined document management experience, making Goodlegal a true ‘one-stop-shop’ legal platform.




One of the game changers of this release, AutoDoc. The newly introduced AutoDoc, allows users to streamline document generation and save valuable time.

💡 Automatic draft generation to create hundreds of documents in seconds

With AutoDoc, users can automatically populate templates by filling in the predefined required fields, eliminating the need to navigate through the document to identify data-entry points. Additionally, the feature enables bulk document generation, so users can submit a schema file with the required fields, and the platform will automatically generate multiple documents at once. This feature enhances our platform's efficiency, enabling users to focus on higher-value tasks, rather than tedious document generation.


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