Frequently Asked Question

How many workspaces can I create?

You can create and manage as many workspaces as you desire. The concept of the workspace and subworkspace is to allow you and the organisation to structure documents in the most efficient way.

How do I know the templates are trustworthy?

Community and out-of-the-box templates are documents built and provided by Goodlegal legal practitioners, official legal partners or other users from the community. They are all curated by Goodlegal’s team and provide you with a strong start in the legal journey. The application of templates can vary between industries and jurisdictions therefore the responsibility of using them, ultimately, has the user and company. Always make sure to consult with a lawyer for any legal matters.

Can I edit uploaded documents?

Any documents uploaded in the platform can be edited using Document Builder capability. Using drag&drop preapproved content and free text you can customise your documents to perfectly fit the purpose. Upon signing, documents become immutable and lose their editing capabilities.

How do I know that I need to take an action ?

User actions are a core functionality of Goodlegal platform. The aim of Action Item Dashboard is to facilitate collaboration and speed up resolutions across multiple stakeholders. In every action that the user has to take all the required information are provided with enhanced action options. Additional, when users need to act upon a document in workspace, or new documents are added the number of actions outstanding are presented against every workspace.

What is the difference between Templates and Documents ?

Templates are the base of any Document. To accelerate the creation of Documents users can take advantage of the pre-approved compliant templates which can be used in conjunction with AutoDoc.

How do I know which clauses I can use for my document ?

When building a document users can drag and drop pre built clauses approved and vetted by the company, goodlegal or partner community. Every each of these clauses are specific for a certain type of document.

How can I invite other users to the platform?

From under the Settings option, new or existing platform users can be added to the organisation.

Can I change my user details?

Every user has the option to change their details. This can be done from Settings → Profile.

How can I add documents to the platform ?

Users can upload documents using the ‘New’ button from the right hand side corner of the paltofrm. They can add .docx, .pdf or .jpeg files.

Can I assign custom roles?

Yes ! Every user can be assigned with a role, that can be a set of unique combination of access privileges. Besides the core platform roles, additional ones can be created with specific configuration privileges. You can manage all your roles in the Settings.

Is Goodlegal a law firm?

No. Goodlegal is a software company and does not provide legal advice or support.